Success! (A Christmas Miracle!)


This is now a fully functional PayPal “Buy Now” button existing in the sidebar. Go ahead…give it a try! When you hover over it, it says, “Use PayPal to contribute!” When you click on it, you can choose the amount that you want to give. This button was created for tips and usage payments. For instance, let’s say that you just have to give me money because you thoroughly enjoyed your visit to Oddbox Comics. Click on the Chupacabra and write in the amount. Or perhaps you would like to use my art for your own purposes. After my approval, this is how you can pay!

A Weekly Publication!


Oddbox Comics is now a weekly publication. Every Friday (give or take a day) I will post something…  Anything… That is to say… that if I don’t have any art to post, I will write in a jocular vein and then make a quick sketch to go along with all of the jocularity. After all, the site is called Oddbox COMICS. Perhaps you will be entertained. Or amused. Or both.