What if the Barbarians were once a peace-loving society of hair-cutters? And then on one fateful day, they were brutally attacked by the Mongol Empire. As a result of this outrage, the Barbarians quickly, and angrily, spread across the known world, conquering and cutting hair, viciously. That’s why you should be nice to others. So they don’t run around styling hair, all of a sudden.


I drew this for Meg. It is a caricature of her friend’s recently deceased cat, Gamer. This is a gift to her friend.

I screen-recorded this entire drawing. I had to break it up into six half hours. That is three hours (for those who are keeping score at home). I am having trouble figuring out how to speed up the videos so that three hours becomes three minutes. It is kind of boring to watch it at regular speed, I am sorry to say. It looks kinda cool speeded up, though. I may post that in the near future.

Just for funsies, see if you can find my signature.