Children of the Ark

  I believe this was something I did during my Paragon Printing years. I’m going to guess…1996. I don’t remember much about it. Here is what I do remember…I did it for someone who was starting a day-care center called Noah’s Ark. She wanted a bunch of kids frolicking around Noah’s Ark and she wanted it done in a certain type of cutesy style. I wasn’t crazy about doing it in a certain type of cutesy style, but it turned out alright. What I like most about this drawing is the panoramic view. That’s a lot of frolicking kids!

Variety is the Spice of Life




The cartoon above nabbed me third place in the Wonderland Cartoon Contest. Wonderland was a weekly supplement of the Grand Rapids Press in Michigan. I got $50, my name and picture in the paper, and a nice little write-up. One of the three judges of that contest, Jeff Mallett, is now the creator of Frazz, a nationally syndicated comic strip.