The ScribblePad Store


   I am once again giving a 1&1 online store another shot. This time around, I have an edge…more financial security. Let’s see how long this lasts. Go here to check it out…ScribblePad. Buy four at a time and save up to $20.00 in shipping fees! Do the math. If you buy one pad, you are paying $7.69+tax, per pad. Buy two, and you pay $4.34+tax, per pad. Buy three, and you pay $3.22+tax, per pad. And if you buy four at a time, you pay only $2.67+tax, per pad.

   This may be a shameless ploy to get you to buy more ScribblePad, but it is also a sincere wish that you should save money. Win Win. 

You need to ask yourself…why is that shark smiling?

 Here is the new ScribblePad design. I will print some up as soon as I can.                                    I call it, “Shark in Ocean”. I thought this shark kind of looked like a dolphin. (Just change the shape of the mouth area a little bit, get rid of the sharp teeth and vents on his neck, and you got yourself a dolphin.)