More Stoopid!

Come and get it! Stoopid #3 is now available. It is chock full of cartoony goodness, as always! My favorite in this issue is “Things your dog does when you leave.” Get yours today or you will be sorry. That is not a threat, it is a promise. You will be sorry that you are missing part of your collection. Go here…Stoopid!

Logik and the Mathemagician

The End?

(Probably not)


This is the introduction to a video game designed to teach children about multiplication. This job was especially tough because I was only given a story and one example of each of two different characters. I had to imagine what they would look like from different angles.

Stoopid! #1

Stoopid! Magazine #1 has just dropped, man! Lots of funny goodness inside. I think it is a good combination of cartoonists. Kind of like (dare I say it) the variety of cartoonists from Mad Magazine. My favorite one for this issue is the one on the back cover by Paco Puente. Get your copy of Stoopid! here…