The Play Game

I am currently working on a new game along the lines of the True or Hoowie game. I am calling it The Play Game. At present, it is very primitive, but I thought you might like to see what I am up to. You would not believe how long it took me to get this far. My brain is made for creativity, not technical mumbo jumbo!

A lot of bugs need to be worked out. Join me, as I stumble and fumble my way through the world of links, animation, and websites. As you can see from the screenshot above, there is a new tag called The Play Game. Click on the screenshot and give it a go! It is fully functional and ready for your perusal. I plan to have three levels of difficulty: Ridiculously Difficult, Normal, and Stable Genius (very easy).  This first puzzle is Stable Genius and Normal to me, but to others it might be Ridiculously Difficult. Let’s call it Stable Normal. No. I am not saying that I am smart. I am saying that I am immersed in the world of science fiction, while others are not. So, of course this one would be easy for me!

The reasons for doing this are manifest. It’s entertaining, not only to others, but to myself. It is promotional. Each game is like a little ad for Skribbers. Also, the more I post The Play Game, the stronger my presence in the search engines like Google and Yahoo. It’s educational. We can all learn something new while having fun at the same time. It is sneaky because those who play will have no idea that they are being both solicited and educated.  Stay tuned for more!

The Quintessential Quest

“Don’t quit quitting” was actually a slogan once used in the ads by the anti-smoking folks. I did not get one stinking dime from that ad campaign! Seriously though, there is no way I could prove that they didn’t think of it themselves.

How to not quit quitting is the quintessential quest. How do you break a long established habit and addiction? By practicing. Quit again and again and again if necessary. The idea eventually seeps into your soul (your sub-conscious?). Practice makes perfect. After a while, you will become an expert Quitter. This method worked for me. I haven’t smoked a cigarette since 7-7-14, even though I must’ve quit 100 times before that!

 Don’t quit quitting.