Winter Sunrise Sky Stripes

Can you find my signature within this painting? If you can, congratulations! You are just 1 of 99 out of 100 people who are able to accomplish this feat!

PS…this is what the sky looked like this morning. the stripes extended as far as the eye can see, in every direction.

Unphooey on Huion

When my Huion drawing tablet went on the fritz, I was saying, “Phooey on Huion!” I would like to take that back. I got it working again! The resulting Small Consolation that you see above was just me messing around with different line thicknesses and colors. A test, you might say. If you think it is funny… great! It wasn’t meant to be funny, though. It just happened. Art just happens, sometimes. I think it has a certain Anime flavor. Or is it Manga? Is Anime the moving version of Manga? That might be an interesting question. Happy Thanksgiving!