Adobe Illustrator

This is what I did on my first foray into Illustrator. You may be asking, as well you should, “Why a buck-toothed fish, Bob?” From what I can glean, so far, Illustrator appears to be all about shapes. So I made a shape and I looked at it and said to myself, “I can make a fish out of that.” Why buck teeth, you ask. Well, that mouth just looked like it was begging for buck teeth. Also, I bring your attention to the eyes. I don’t know what I did but they just appeared to the right of the “fish”. I thought they looked like eyes, so I gave the fish the eyes that destiny deemed I should.

Owen Morgan (Telltale)

Sometimes, when I draw a caricature of somebody, I get this slight twinge of guilt telling me that I am mocking or making fun of my subject. I have to remind myself that I am actually honoring the subject. As I am drawing, I am admiring certain physical characteristics unique to my subject that I find fascinating enough to take the time to draw.

This is a caricature of Owen Morgan. He has a YouTube program that I watch quite frequently. He exposes the hypocrisy of some televangelists, evangelists, religious figures, and, of course, politicians who pretend to be religious. Nowadays, it is very difficult to discern whether someone is a politician or an evangelist. The line between them has gotten very, very thin.