Koala and Sloth Update

A while back, I told you that I was auditioning for a job on Upwork as a cartoonist. Well, they wanted to see a sample strip. They gave me a script and I had to turn it into a finished comic strip. Considering the fact that I have never gotten a response, neither good nor bad, it may be safe to show you what I did.


This is one of my favorite comic strips. I like how the shadow switches from the left side to the right side as the bulb moves from the right to the left. I am also pleased with the idea of going from fantasy to reality. Or rather, reality blended with fantasy. This comic strip makes you think!

This is also the last of “The Anonymous” series.

Colorful Hallucination

Several “Interesting Comments” below:

  • The dog may be the precursor to Brian of Family Guy.
  • “Chromium Brown” may indeed be a pigment of the imagination. Google it.
  • My sincere apologies for the poor reproduction quality of The Anonymous comic strips. I am scanning them from a copy, and not from the originals. I don’t know if I still have the originals. If I do, they are probably buried deep in storage.
  • I believe this idea was conceived after reading “Lust for Life”, a biographical novel about Vincent Van Gogh.
  • Not only is he searching for a non-existent paint color, his dog is talking.
  • Not only is his dog talking, but he doesn’t even have a dog.
  • Make sure that your studio is well ventilated.

The Quintessential Quest

“Don’t quit quitting” was actually a slogan once used in the ads by the anti-smoking folks. I did not get one stinking dime from that ad campaign! Seriously though, there is no way I could prove that they didn’t think of it themselves.

How to not quit quitting is the quintessential quest. How do you break a long established habit and addiction? By practicing. Quit again and again and again if necessary. The idea eventually seeps into your soul (your sub-conscious?). Practice makes perfect. After a while, you will become an expert Quitter. This method worked for me. I haven’t smoked a cigarette since 7-7-14, even though I must’ve quit 100 times before that!

 Don’t quit quitting.


                                         from this

                                            to this

                      Basically the same idea. Another thing is, if you pay attention to the general proportions of the two strips, you can see the difference between them. I believe that this may be the reason that I abandoned The Anonymous. The size wasn’t compliant with most syndicates.