It is finished (I think). I sped up the rainbow, removed a leprechaun frame, and colored the gold coins.

   Do you need animation for your website (or personalized e-greeting card, or television ad, or billboard, etc.)? Contact me. I am probably very affordable right now. I would like to build up a nice portfolio of my animation. E-mail Bob at

   And, my friends, even if you don’t need animation, please pass this along to your friends. That would be great! Thanks everybody!

Amazing Discoveries

This strip is now appearing in Flint Comix even as I speak. I am presenting it here because I believe that I should “strike while the iron is hot”. The “hot” part being the WE BUY GOLD craze. This comic might not be funny in a year from now. Heck…it might not even be funny right now. This is also the first one panel strip I have ever done.