Digression Session

In a recent article, I mentioned that I was doing some soul-searching, and instead of telling you what I intended to tell you, I veered off into theoretical metaphysics. Here’s the thing…Oddbox Comics is going bi-weekly. Even though making this blog is one of my most favorite things in the world, I need to tend to my financial survival.

Because of the demise of the quick-printing industry, I find myself getting poorer and poorer. I need to look into other avenues of revenue, which means… less time for this blog.

Therefore, I am hereby officially offering my art. Let me help you with a personalized birthday card or notepad. Perhaps a caricature of someone special. How about a personalized Facebook icon? Logo? Event? Whatever! I need money! Call me at 810-247-9520! Or e-mail me at oddboxcomics@att.net!

You may be asking yourself right now, “Why do I need Bob to make a drawing for me when I can just find what I need on the internet?” Seriously? Do you actually believe that you are going to find a drawing of your sister running a marathon on the planet Mars while carrying a wedding cake? Come on. Get real! Give me a call!

You also need art for…

…T-shirts…posters…mugs…magnets…advertisements…calendars…flyers…portraits…bumper stickers…banners…tattoos…business cards…murals…blogs…websites…invitations…wedding announcements…books…CD covers…envelopes…shot glasses…brochures…menus…whatever…etc.

Please help me make the transition from Printer to Artist. I appreciate whatever you can do to help. Whether you want me to draw something for you, or you just share this article with your friends…it is greatly appreciated!




Artistic Theology


I think of art as a form of worship. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Does it not make you feel good when somebody likes what you did so much that they just had to copy it? God probably felt pretty good when Michealangelo painted the Sistine Chapel. Or when Van Gogh painted Starry Night.

Speaking of Van Gogh, I just bought a Vincent Van Gogh calendar. His paintings disturb me. But, in a good way. I have feelings when I view his paintings. I don’t know what the feelings are exactly, but they are feelings nonetheless. For instance, when I look at “Crown Imperial Fritillaries in a Copper Vase”, I feel dizzy. Or, for example, when I gaze upon “Morning: Going Out to Work (after Millet)”, I feel flabbergasted. And on occasion, while gazing at “Wheat Field with Cypresses”, I sometimes feel a little gassy. Not a particularly deep emotion, but a feeling, anyway.

I believe that he worshipped God through every painting that he did. Those of us who believe in God all have our own personal way to worship. Mine is through my art. I am imitating God by creating my own little world. Therefore, by imitating, I am flattering. Subsequently, by flattering, I am worshipping. Do I fear heavenly charges of copyright infringement? Naw. God doesn’t care about that. He wants me to copy Him. And besides, He doesn’t need any more money. After all, God is more than likely…richer than God!