Hi. My name is Bob Gonzalez. You can call me Bob, if you wish.

Oddbox Comics showcases my art and comics, both past and present (but not future, because that would be weird). From comic strips and panels, to doodles and animation.


Chico and the Chupacabra: A story of a boy and his chupacabra. Click on the Chico and the Chupacabra image in the sidebar.

Zinger-Man: An ambiguously dubious super-hero.

The Sports Page: A comic strip about sports, of course.

Oddbox: This is a comic strip about nothing in particular. Just two goofy guys (one is “Man”, and the other is “Dude”) saying and doing odd things and trying to be funny.

Surewould Forest: A comic strip spoof of the legend of Robin Hood. Currently appearing in Stoopid!

Doopy Joe: A comic panel about a hapless everyman.

Small Consolation: A comic panel that explains why you should be thankful for even a small consolation.

Animation: The Sneezer Guy. True or Hoowie. Brain Fart. Animutation. The Flashing Chupacabra. And Oddbox Roulette (a gift from a talented fan and colleague).

Pet Caricature:

Bird Smirk

Visit my CafePress shop, where you can find an incredible array of products with my original creations emblazoned on them.


Did you enjoy the little dancing monkey? Then give him a dollar bill once in awhile, for Pete’s sake! Click on the flashing chupacabra to contribute what you can to sustain this site. I can’t do it without your help!


Click on the lower portion of any of the tiny Oddbox comic strips and you will be taken to a gallery that allows you to view them in a larger size.


These are some blogs that I thought were pretty cool. Check them out. Maybe you will like them, too.


Please don’t steal my work…I’m starving here! If you would like to use my art, just contact me and we can work out an agreeable arrangement.


Have fun!

14 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Bob
    I would like to use one of your comics [Where is Cyrano when you need him?] for inclusion on a trial examination. Can you email me so I can give you more information?


  2. I am teaching a linguistics course and I would like to use your “origin of language” “Club/Cupcake” in the course as it is so spot on. Will of course keep your reference on it. Will you allow that?


    1. I am very happy that you liked it, Nick! That happens to be one of my favorites, and this may seem weird, but it even makes me laugh! Yes, you may use it. Please let me know if your students laugh. I just sent you an e-mail to complete the transaction. Thanks for your kind comment.


  3. That is great! Thank you very much for this and I promise, I will. This course will run from September and I will post it right here!


  4. Hi Bob! There is a cartoon that I would like to use for a book I am co-authoring. Could you please e-mail me your contact information so that we could further discuss copyright/publishing use? Thanks!


  5. Hello Bob, I wanted to use your “Semantic Antic” comic strip in my class. Would you let me use it? I will give you the credit, of course.


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