A Weekly Publication!


Oddbox Comics is now a weekly publication. Every Friday (give or take a day) I will post something…  Anything… That is to say… that if I don’t have any art to post, I will write in a jocular vein and then make a quick sketch to go along with all of the jocularity. After all, the site is called Oddbox COMICS. Perhaps you will be entertained. Or amused. Or both.




Historic Interview

This was the strip for the Dec. issue of Flint Comix. The quality was a little off, so I am reprinting it here. This is also the very first Oddbox with any color in it. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

And now for a special treat, Surewould Forest in its entirety! (Of course, in “a couple of days” increments.) Sadly, this also was rejected by the syndicates. However, Flint Comix, the Genesee County Herald, and the Lakeview Enterprise liked it enough to publish it. Enjoy!