The ScribblePad Store



   I am once again giving a 1&1 online store another shot. This time around, I have an edge…more financial security. Let’s see how long this lasts. Go here to check it out…ScribblePad. Buy four at a time and save up to $20.00 in shipping fees! Do the math. If you buy one pad, you are paying $7.69+tax, per pad. Buy two, and you pay $4.34+tax, per pad. Buy three, and you pay $3.22+tax, per pad. And if you buy four at a time, you pay only $2.67+tax, per pad.

   This may be a shameless ploy to get you to buy more ScribblePad, but it is also a sincere wish that you should save money. Win Win. 

Kilroy Was Here


Here is a new ScribblePad. Kilroy kinda looks like Doopy Joe, huh? Or perhaps, Doopy Joe was based on Kilroy. Who knows?

Within the next couple of weeks I will be printing up the new Scribbles, plus all of the old favorites. Stay tuned!

Frog Pad Animation


Some animation to show that the Variety Frog Pad has six different designs. I plan to put this in my Frog Pad page. Please visit now. Under “Pages” to the right, click “Frog Pad”. Buy a Frog Pad or two. This is the first time I have used the “tween” feature. I like it! However, I couldn’t figure out how to use that effect in between the Pac-Man Frog and the Poison-dart Frog. Compared to the other smooth transitions, it seems to clunk from one to the other.

Patreon Reward



Not only does Dave get to read my Interesting Comments, he also gets a free scratch pad and a customized poster. All of this because of his $5 per month pledge on Patreon. Thanks, Dave!