Koala and Sloth Update

A while back, I told you that I was auditioning for a job on Upwork as a cartoonist. Well, they wanted to see a sample strip. They gave me a script and I had to turn it into a finished comic strip. Considering the fact that I have never gotten a response, neither good nor bad, it may be safe to show you what I did.


I drew this for Meg. It is a caricature of her friend’s recently deceased cat, Gamer. This is a gift to her friend.

I screen-recorded this entire drawing. I had to break it up into six half hours. That is three hours (for those who are keeping score at home). I am having trouble figuring out how to speed up the videos so that three hours becomes three minutes. It is kind of boring to watch it at regular speed, I am sorry to say. It looks kinda cool speeded up, though. I may post that in the near future.

Just for funsies, see if you can find my signature.