Owen Morgan (Telltale)

Sometimes, when I draw a caricature of somebody, I get this slight twinge of guilt telling me that I am mocking or making fun of my subject. I have to remind myself that I am actually honoring the subject. As I am drawing, I am admiring certain physical characteristics unique to my subject that I find fascinating enough to take the time to draw.

This is a caricature of Owen Morgan. He has a YouTube program that I watch quite frequently. He exposes the hypocrisy of some televangelists, evangelists, religious figures, and, of course, politicians who pretend to be religious. Nowadays, it is very difficult to discern whether someone is a politician or an evangelist. The line between them has gotten very, very thin.


What if the Barbarians were once a peace-loving society of hair-cutters? And then on one fateful day, they were brutally attacked by the Mongol Empire. As a result of this outrage, the Barbarians quickly, and angrily, spread across the known world, conquering and cutting hair, viciously. That’s why you should be nice to others. So they don’t run around styling hair, all of a sudden.