Flushing, MI Twilight 2019


The ScribblePad Store


   I am once again giving a 1&1 online store another shot. This time around, I have an edge…more financial security. Let’s see how long this lasts. Go here to check it out…ScribblePad. Buy four at a time and save up to $20.00 in shipping fees! Do the math. If you buy one pad, you are paying $7.69+tax, per pad. Buy two, and you pay $4.34+tax, per pad. Buy three, and you pay $3.22+tax, per pad. And if you buy four at a time, you pay only $2.67+tax, per pad.

   This may be a shameless ploy to get you to buy more ScribblePad, but it is also a sincere wish that you should save money. Win Win. 

Stoopid! Magazine



Hey hey looky there…my comic strip Surewould Forest is in the very first issue of Stoopid Magazine! Not Stoopid! #1, but even better…Stoopid! #0. Stoopid! is like Mad Magazine…only better. I’m just kidding. Or am I?

Go here to buy one! Get Stoopid!

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Color Mugger


Here is a drawing I did while at Baker College in a design class. The project consisted of drawing anything using two complementary colors.

I decided to make it kind of abstract.

Actually, the gray shadow is orange and blue blended together. This proves the theory that complementary colors, when blended together, cancel each other out and make either black, gray, or white.



Autumn: When entire trees turn into flowers.

Ever since I started my new job, I have had to drive many miles to work. As a consequence of this new arrangement, I see more scenery than usual. Lately, the colors on the trees have been teasing me with their vibrant and, let’s face it, rather seductive colors. I felt compelled to record the splashery of color. This is truly one of God’s gifts to humanity.

At first, I had a certain fervor. It drove me to get out a sheet of the big paper and my watercolor paints. I had to record this. To imitate this. To paint this. The watercolor proved to be difficult and sloppy. Should I use color pencil? No. This is a job for Photoshop painting. The ability to cover one color with another proved to be priceless.