Bird Smirk Custom Creations


   Very recently, Melissa e-mails me and says, “Hey Bob. Could you put the Poison-dart Frog design on a mug for me?” I said, “Okay”, and then she buys it and is happy. Be like Melissa. Melissa is happy.

   I will put any design of mine onto any CafePress product you would like! It’s not that hard. Just ask! I have a lot of designs and CafePress has a lot of products. Mix and match!

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Perceptual Precept



What is this? What do you see? What is your first impression? What, exactly, is going on here? What do you say about playing a little game? Just describe what you see or feel. It can be an entire paragraph, or one single word. Just respond with something, please.

There is no “right” or “wrong” answer. There is only an answer. One answer.  Yours.

Facebook Faceplant


I have quit Facebook. I had many reasons to do so, but I am choosing not to reveal them. And now that I have said that, I have nothing to write about. Aint that somethin’? I seem to have painted myself into a corner. That was one of my Dad’s favorite sayings. Another was, “That dog is smarter than you kids!” He really favored the dog over us. Who can blame him? He was a good dog.

However, I digress. I think I was suffering from Facebook anxiety. I don’t know if that is a thing. Whether it is a thing or not, that is what I suffered… “Facebook Anxiety”. (It is now, officially, a thing.)  I think I was overwhelmed with information. You know what?… I am uncomfortable in large crowds. Wow! That was a lot of people on Facebook! Awkwaaard!… Awkward is a strange-looking word. Awkward. Awkward. It’s an awkward word.

Another reason that I decided to dump Facebook was my belief that Facebook is a dangerous, sophisticated brain-washing machine. I tell you this in confidence, of course. As I said earlier, I will not be revealing any reasons. Yet, it is reasonable to assume that I have no confidence in my secrecy.

So, here I am…spilling the beans. Whether they be green, pinto, magic, or Mexican jumping, I will not cry. On the other hand, if I had spilt the milk, that might be a different story entirely. In conclusion…No Facebook!