Flipping Birds

birds1web    Here is a drawing I did of my sister’s birds, Oscar and Gonzo. Oscar is the blue one in the foreground and Gonzo is the little green guy in the back. Gonzo is very vocal. He screams at the top of his lungs a lot. Such beauty. There is a funny story behind this drawing. Well, maybe not funny, but interesting. I guess…no…it’s not really that interesting, on second thought. Let me just say that I have an anecdote. When I was in the pencil sketch stage of this drawing, I left my sketchbook on the floor and the pig decided to nibble on it a little bit. When I tried to erase some lines I was not happy with, well…they just would not go away. I was contending with eraser resistant pig spittle, apparently. This occurrence caused me to choose colored pencil instead of watercolor as my medium. The end.

Floating Images Shadow Box


This is my newest product offering. It is called the Floating Images Shadow Box. It is three-dimensional! Click on this link to see it in action! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eorLp_UJv8g&feature=em-upload_owner

By the way, this is a wedding gift for my niece and her new husband. This is a caricature of Carmen and Eddy “floating” over a background scene of The Gilmore Car Museum, which was the location of their wedding.

Restore the Roar…Please!


    Speaking of flying monkeys and the Detroit Lions, here is a caricature I did of Wayne Fontes. He was the Head Coach of the Detroit Lions from 1989 to 1996. My client wanted Wayne’s fly to be open. Why? I don’t really know. As long as what the client asks me to do is not against my ethical sensibilities, I just do what they ask.

    Considering the last couple of years, Wayne wasn’t half-bad. He led the Lions to four winning seasons!