Spider’s-Eye View


I believe that most of us have heard that we swallow up to eight spiders per year while sleeping. When I first thought about what I would write on this subject, I was leaning towards something like an “inconvenient truth” scenario. Something that might very well be true…but I was not going to believe it! I could avoid being creeped out, because, in my reality, it was not true. That is how a lot of people avoid the climate change crisis. But that is another story. Eating spiders is a more immediate threat. My reasoning for not believing it was…why would a spider (or any other creature on God’s earth) crawl into a mouth to be eaten? Most, if not all, creatures run away from a mouth! Are spiders exceptionally stupid? Are they, perhaps, suicidal?

I needed more information. I looked it up and found that eating spiders while we sleep is an urban legend. It was started by somebody to prove that people are too trusting about what they read on the internet. It was fabricated just to show how gullible people are! I have to admit that I was half -gullible. I believed it, but chose not to believe it. You can go back to sleep while I send a check to a Nigerian Princess who has promised to send me a million dollars.

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