8 thoughts on “Hocus Focus Tribute

    1. Very good, linienspiel. I think you discovered everything! I say five differences and you say three, and we are both right, in a way. I think of it this way…the eyes, ear, and mouth of the rat are different (that is three differences) and the “rudder” (paddle) is shorter, and finally, the fish is different. That is five, total. Thanks for playing along! Enjoy your good luck!

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  1. 1. Fish lips were added.2. Paddle was shortened.3. Removed stiches on rats ear.4. More intensity was added to rats eyes.5. Rat now has an evil grin.

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    1. Excellent, Dave! My client asked me to make the rat “look more crazy”. I think intense eyes and “an evil grin” qualifies as crazy! Plus, you got all five correct. Enjoy your good luck next week!


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