My first animation with sound.

This animation project has been a great adventure for me. It was just a straight forward doing and learning. I liken it to walking through a maze blindfolded. Of course, because I have a little experience with animation, perhaps I peeked here or there.

I explored three frontiers in the making of this video; Adobe Animate, placing sound in my animation, and a Huion digital drawing tablet. Animate is an animation program and I am like a kid in a candy store in there! Oh, the wonders…the wonders I have seen! At first, I was a bit bedazzled and confused, but soon, I was humming right along. My next challenge was to place sound in my animation. I had never done that before, but because of my enthusiasm for the task at hand, and the ease of working in Animate, I made short work of it. And to wrap things up, my brand new digital drawing tablet was instrumental in the creation of the video. With this technology, I can draw in the computer! That eliminates three steps: sketching on paper, inking, scanning. An incredible time saver.

I suspect you don’t believe that I did this just for the fun of it. You would be correct in your suspicion, for I have created this video as part of a new Fiverr Gig! You give me the name of the Birthday Person and I will hand-write the name and place it in the video. If you know anybody who is having a birthday this year, this will make a great gift!

Go here Fiverr Gig.


Make it stop!

This is my first primitive animation on the program ‘Animate’. That is a weird ball. I learned a lot from this stupid little experiment. I could actually improve on this, but I won’t, because I am working on a specific project and this lesson taught me all I needed to get started, so, I’m getting started!