Restore the Roar…Please!


    Speaking of flying monkeys and the Detroit Lions, here is a caricature I did of Wayne Fontes. He was the Head Coach of the Detroit Lions from 1989 to 1996. My client wanted Wayne’s fly to be open. Why? I don’t really know. As long as what the client asks me to do is not against my ethical sensibilities, I just do what they ask.

    Considering the last couple of years, Wayne wasn’t half-bad. He led the Lions to four winning seasons!


hollybirthhollybday   Some stuff I did for some friends of mine. Holly’s debut (top), and her first birthday (bottom, of course). Babies are easy to draw because they all look alike. Huge eyes, chubby face, and a big round head. You will also note that my friend, Bill, is wearing a Detroit Lions cap. We are both long-suffering Lions fans.