True or Hoowie



[Pluto is not a planet in our solar system.] 

This is the curious oddity that I spoke of in another post. It was a game called True or Hoowie.

Here’s how it worked…you would read the statement in pink and decide if that statement was true, or a bunch of hoowie. Then you would click on either True or Hoowie and the little guys would tell you if you were smart or stupid (allow me to reiterate that the little guys would tell you that, not me).

Well…something happened and it got all wacky on me. It’s not supposed to be a nonstop animation that goes on forever and ever. Before the wackiness occurred, it would only go into animation mode when you clicked on it.

So I deleted about thirty of these because it didn’t make sense anymore. However, I decided to keep this last specimen (as I said before) as a curious oddity.