Facebook Faceplant

I have quit Facebook. I had many reasons to do so, but I am choosing not to reveal them. And now that I have said that, I have nothing to write about. Aint that somethin’? I seem to have painted myself into a corner. That was one of my Dad’s favorite sayings. Another was, “That dog is smarter than you kids!” He really favored the dog over us. Who can blame him? He was a good dog.

However, I digress. I think I was suffering from Facebook anxiety. I don’t know if that is a thing. Whether it is a thing or not, that is what I suffered… “Facebook Anxiety”. (It is now, officially, a thing.)  I think I was overwhelmed with information. You know what?… I am uncomfortable in large crowds. Wow! That was a lot of people on Facebook! Awkwaaard!… Awkward is a strange-looking word. Awkward. Awkward. It’s an awkward word.

Another reason that I decided to dump Facebook was my belief that Facebook is a dangerous, sophisticated brain-washing machine. I tell you this in confidence, of course. As I said earlier, I will not be revealing any reasons. Yet, it is reasonable to assume that I have no confidence in my secrecy.

So, here I am…spilling the beans. Whether they be green, pinto, magic, or Mexican jumping, I will not cry. On the other hand, if I had spilt the milk, that might be a different story entirely. In conclusion…No Facebook!