GIF Gift

The creative genius who made the above animation is none other than, yep, you guessed it, Bunk Strutts of Tacky Raccoons.

Bunk is no stranger to Oddbox Comics. His website, Tacky Raccoons is a featured site in my Blogroll. He also made, “Oddbox Roulette”. 

Thanks, Bunk!

Oddbox Roulette

OddBox Roulette-1

   This is a gift from my new friend, Bunk Strutts. He’s crazy! He calls it “Oddbox Roulette”. I think it’s great! Bunk has a great sense of humor and is an excellent writer. Check out his blog, “Tacky Raccoons”. All kinds of good stuff there. You can go straight to it using the link in my Blogroll. Thanks again, Bunk! You are one goofy dude (I mean that in a good way)!