Idioms of Idiocy

If you are standing in a group of ten random people, one of those ten believes in lizard people, a worldwide pedophile ring, and a flat Earth. Could anyone predict that the National Enquirer would all of a sudden become serious journalism? I blame the movie “Men in Black”. In one scene, the character played by Tommy Lee Jones tells the character played by Will Smith, as they are looking through supermarket tabloids at the newsstand, “Best investigative reporting on the planet”. It was a movie, people! A MOVIE! A Fictional Story! Just as QAnon is fictional nonsense! Grow up, please! You are starting to frighten me!

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Blast from the Past

This one is very dated and therefore comes with an explanation for those about 30 years old and younger. Once upon a time, there was a telephone service that you could call and they would tell you things about your future! Or give you sound advice by looking into a crystal ball, or by gazing into the entrails of a chicken! This service was called “Psychic Friends Hotline”.

Another thing that I should explain is the presence of a telephone in medieval England. Well, that is because this is a cartoon, and if I think there is a telephone in medieval England…then there is a telephone in medieval England!